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    Led by latte art champion Ali Vogel, our workshops cater to all levels, providing comprehensive instruction and guidance to help you master the art of coffee and create stunning latte art designs.

    Your own equipment at home or at VOGEL.


    Rent-A-Barista: Your ultimate catering solution. Customize your event with our options - Rent-A-Barista, where you provide the equipment and coffee

    Full-Service Catering, providing everything from coffee to a skilled barista for weddings, festivals, and exhibitions.

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It all started years ago while I was working in hospitality.
Working in different places gave me the opportunity to grow, get to a management position, become more aware of what a bussiness means and gave me the courage to do it on my own. 

My first job here in Vienna, was in a coffee shop where I had the posibility to grow and develop my skills which allowed me to discover my passion for coffee. 

I started to train for competitions and in 2016 I decided to participate to my first Latte Art competition in Vienna, which I won! 

With time, I developed a bigger interest in the coffee world and whenever I was travelling abroad for holidays, I was visiting specialty coffee shops trying to understand the culture and the history of coffee. 

I then started to dream about my own coffee shop because coffee became one of my biggest passions.  

I started to train more and more for other competitions and winning helped me make a name in the industry and pushed me to become a freelancer. I shared my passion for coffee at private events, trainings or international competitions where I was invited. 

After our son was born, being away from events didn't  feel the same anymore.
I wanted to see my son growing, spend much more time with my family and that was the moment when I felt I needed a place for my soul more than ever, where I could implement my ideas and express myself freely. 

We finaly opened Cowome in December 2019 !
Cowome is a concept where: Coffee is better with cake, actually cheesecake, one of my all-time favorites. 
My wife Mihaela, was always creating some amazing cheesecakes, and thought this would definitely work well together, especially because she could develop her passion as a bussiness as well. 


Inspired by my vision, the journey of VOGEL KAFFEE began in 2023 with a rebranding endeavor.

Our wish to improve ourselves is the driving force behind our transformation into a Micro Rösterei, leaving a mark in the realm of coffee craftsmanship.

Despite facing obstacles, my unwavering passion and determination, along with the invaluable support of our amazing team, propelled us to successfully achieve our transformation.

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With love,