Barista, Latte Art, Competitions

Led by latte art champion Ali Vogel, our barista training workshops cater to any level: Beginners, professionals, and those interested in excelling in latte art competitions and shows.

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to elevate your skills, our workshops provide comprehensive instruction and guidance to help you master the art of coffee and create stunning latte art designs.

Flexibility tailored to you.

Choose your preferred training setup: take the workshop at our coffee shop, where we provide top-notch equipment, or opt for personalized instruction at your own place using your equipment. We accommodate your needs for a seamless learning experience.


Rent-A-Barista: Your ultimate catering solution. Customize your event with our options - Rent-A-Barista, where you provide the equipment and coffee

Full-Service Catering, providing everything from coffee to a skilled barista for weddings, festivals, and exhibitions.

Rent-A-Barista Vogel Kaffee


Rent-A-Barista, the ultimate catering solution designed to make your event extraordinary. With Rent-A-Barista, you have the flexibility to customize every aspect of your event. C

hoose our Rent-A-Barista option, where you provide the equipment and coffee, and we bring the expertise of our skilled baristas. This option allows you to maintain control over your coffee selection while ensuring professional service.

Full Service

Indulge in our Full-Service Catering, where we take care of every detail. From providing an exceptional coffee experience to supplying a team of talented baristas, we handle it all. Our Full-Service Catering package includes not only the finest coffee but also the necessary equipment and tools to create a captivating atmosphere.


Starting at € 79