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Vogel Kaffee

Vogel Kaffee - House Blend

Vogel Kaffee - House Blend

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Origin: Brazil | El Salvador | Peru 

Process: Washed | Natural

Variety: 100% Arabica

Flavor Profile:  Dark Chocolate | Hazelnut | Blackberries

Recommended for: Espresso, Vollautomat, Mokka, kräftige Filter


Our #1 bestseller - perfect for every coffee lover: Vollautomat, Espresso, Strong Filter, Mokka

Made from the finest 100% Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, El Salvador and Peru our blend is renowned for its complex and well-balanced flavor profile.

The dark chocolate, hazelnut, and blackberry notes create a symphony of tastes in every sip, while its sweet body and lovely acidity leave you with a smooth and satisfying finish.

This is the same blend we serve in our coffee shop, loved by thousands of people every day. Upgrade your daily coffee routine and experience the taste that has made our blend a fan favorite.

  • Sustainable & Fair.
  • Freshly roasted.
  • Highest quality.
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Customer Reviews

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My new favorite coffee

Tried it in a Delonghi & Philips Vollautomat, Mokka & Siebträger. I think this is also what they use at the coffee shop in the main grinder as well. AMAZING beans, will definitely get it monthly.